Attendee Toolkit

Everything you need to attend emPOWER19

Why attend emPOWER19?

Transitioning to a clean energy economy requires each of us to collaboratively work toward a shared vision that is fundamentally different from our world today. Building this vision calls for cross-sector strategies that shift us away from the polluting energy systems of the past, toward sustainable solutions that will empower thriving communities in the future.

On October 11th, join Clean Energy Leaders, executives, industry experts, and thought leaders in making this vision a reality. We're building the bridge to an equitable, resilient, clean energy future by collaboratively designing regionalized plans for our Green New Future. Here's how: 

1. Hear from clean energy trailblazers who made where we are today possible. Learn how they overcame the toughest challenges and gain their perspective on what we have yet to overcome. 

2. Gain the inspiration to build something truly visionary listening to the leader in building a regenerative, circular economy, Kate Brandt, Sustainability Officer at Google. Want to better understand what regenerative or circular means? Check this out!

3. Collaborate with a cross-functional team to build your plan! Dive into workshops with industry experts to understand the challenges ranging from water and agriculture to designing an equitable electrification system. Answer critical questions like: 

  • How will we finance a clean energy future?

  • How do we design policies that drive a clean energy economy?

  • How do we cultivate a clean energy workforce?

emPOWER19 is more than a one-day event, it's an opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge, and relationships we all need to make an equitable, resilient, clean energy future a reality. This is our chance to build something future generations will be proud of.

Justification Letter

Be prepared to pitch your participation in emPOWER19 with our Justification Letter Template.

Know your goals. Who will you meet? What do you want to learn? And how much will it cost to attend the event? Be prepared to discuss why you need to attend emPOWER19 and how it will benefit not only you, but your organization as well. Fill out the justification letter before talking with your manager.

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